'aa-sri'-xvm-ni₁ VI silly / goofy / funny
1s 'aa-shsri'-xvm-ni
2s 'aa-nn-sri'-xvm-ni
3s 'aa-sri'-xvm-ni

'aa-sri'-xvm-ghii~-nin' )


'aa-xa~s n arrows (sem. domains: 4.9 - Religion, 4.9.5 - Practice religion, - Religious ceremony, 6.4 - Hunt and fish, 6.4.1 - Hunt.)
fr. var. k'aa~-xvs

‘aa-xa~s daa-ghvt-‘a~

'aa-xa~s daa-ghvt-'a~ n arrow head
fr. var. k'waa~-xvs-le'

‘aa-xa~s me’-naa-ghi

'aa-xa~s me'-naa-ghi n quiver / arrow pouch




'aa-xwin'-tvn adj frozen, very


'aa~-dvm' adv finally / just (finished / started)

‘Aa~-dvm’ ch’v-ghaa~-yan’.

'Aa~-dvm' ch'v-ghaa~-yan'. Phrase He just finished eating.

‘aa~-dvm’ naa-t’a

'aa~-dvm' naa-t'a VI learning to fly

‘Aa~-dvm’ naa-tes-ya

'Aa~-dvm' naa-tes-ya Phrase Just staring to walk.


'aa~-dvm'-sri~ adv finally!, (emphatic), at last


'aa~-ghin-t'e₁ VI happened to / occurred to
1s 'aa~-ghii-t'e
2s 'aa~-ghin-t'e
3s 'aa~-ghin-t'e
1d 'aa~-ghit-t'e
2d 'aa~-ghu'-t'e
1p 'aa~-ghaa-ghit-t'e
2p 'aa~-ghaa-ghu'-t'e
3p 'aa~-ghan-t'e
Passive 'aa~-ghvt-t'e



'ak-'v-muu-t'i n car / automobile

‘ak-‘v-muu-t’i k’wvt-daa-tr’vs-da


'ak-'v-muu-t'ii-dvn n Auto shop / mechanic shop


'ak-chu₂ adj foggy, it is


'ak-chu₁ n fog / cloud

‘ak-chu svlh

‘ak-chu test-xe

'ak-chu test-xe VI fog came in
'ak-chu tet-xe)

‘ak-chu tet-xe

'ak-chu tet-xe VI fog is coming in
'ak-chu test-xe )

‘ak-chu tet-xee-te

'ak-chu tet-xee-te VI foggy, it will be


'ak-dii-ne n red huckleberry (sem. domains: 5.2 - Food.)
fr. var. 'auk-dii-ne


'Ak-dii-nee-dvn n Turip Village CA


'alh adv before