--le' post tip of (anything)
fr. var. -le't


--te future suffix


'a'-du temp adv not yet

‘a’-du nu’sr-lhtesh

'a'-du nu'sr-lhtesh VI unborn

‘a’-du nu’sr-nii~-lhti~

'a'-du nu'sr-nii~-lhti~ VI born, had not yet been


'A'-ghee-yilh. Phrase It is still growing (person / animal).


'a'-ghin-t'in'₁ VI married, had
1s 'a'-ghii-t'in'
2s 'a'-ghin-t'in'
3s 'a'-ghin-t'in'
1d 'a'-ghit-t'in'
2d 'a'-ghu'-t'in'
1p 'a'-ghaa-ghit-t'in'
2p 'a'-ghaa-ghu'-t'in'
Passive 'a'sr-ghin-t'in'



'a'-srvn adj still dirty



'a'-t'i~₁ VI marry, to
1s 'a'-ghvsh-t'i~
2s 'an'-t'i~
3s 'a'-t'i~
1d 'ayt-t'i~
2d 'au'-t'i~
1p 'a'-ghit-t'i~
2p 'a'-xu'-t'i~
3p xwii-'a'-t'i~
Passive 'a'sr-t'i~

'a'-ghin-t'in' )


'a'-t'ii~-ne n bride


'a'-xwee-nish₁ VI survive / still alive
1s 'a'-xwvsh-nish
2s 'a'-xwin-nish
3s 'a'-xwee-nish
1d 'a'-xwit-nish
2d 'a'-xweu'-nish
1p 'a'-xwee-ghayt-nish
2p 'a'-xwee-xu'-nish
3p 'a'-xwii-xwee-nish
Passive 'a'-xwet-nish

'a'-xwvs-ni~sh )

‘a’-xwee-nish haa~?

'a'-xwee-nish haa~? Phrase Is he still alive?


'a'-xwvs-ni~sh₁ VI survived / lived
1s 'a'-xwee-svs-ni~sh
2s 'a'-xwee-sin-ni~sh
3s 'a'-xwvs-ni~sh
1d 'a'-xwee-sit-ni~sh
2d 'a'-xwee-su'-ni~sh
1p 'a'-xwee-saa-ghit-ni~sh
2p 'a'-xwee-saa-ghu'-ni~sh
3p xwii-'a'-xwvs-ni~sh
Passive 'a'-xwvst-ni~sh



'a'-yvlh-xa~ VT aging it (food), is still


'a~lh-chay-yi quant old, that


'a~lh-nvs quant that long


'a~lh-t'i~ VI you tell it / you say it


'a~lh-telh adj width / expanse of


'aa-'a~lh-nvs adj long, really


'aa-ch'a₁ VI happening / going on
1s 'ash-ch'a
2s 'aa~-ch'a
3s 'aa-ch'a
1d 'ayt-ch'a
2d 'au'-ch'a
1p 'aa-ghayt-ch'a
2p 'aa-xu'-ch'a
3p xwii-'aa-ch'a
Passive 'at-ch'a

'aa-nin-ch'a )


'aa-chu n mushroom / fungi / toadstool / puffballs / morel


'aa-dvn₁ VI act
1s 'ash-dvn
2s 'aa~-dvn
3s 'aa-dvn
1d 'ayt-dvn
2d 'au'-dvn
2p 'aa-xu'-dvn
3p xwii-'aa-dvn / 'aa-ghaa-dvn
Passive 'a'sr-dvn

Past 'aa-ghii~-dvn )


'aa-dvn-ne n actor


'aa-ghee-nilh₁ VI is getting / is becoming / is turning / is going (that way) / outcome (will be) / developing into / emerging / evolution of
1s 'aa-ghvsh-nilh
2s 'aa-ghin-nilh
3s 'aa-ghee-nilh
1d 'aa-ghayt-nilh
2d 'aa-ghu'-nilh
1p 'aa-ghaa-ghayt-nilh
2p 'aa-ghaa-xu'-nilh
3p xwii-'aa-ghee-nilh
Passive 'aa-ghvt-nilh

'aa-ghes-nilh )